Below is a list of commonly asked questions.

  • Q: Can I wash my item?
  • A: Yes. All pieces have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Care instructions for various materials listed below.
  • Cotton: Machine was cold. Tumble dry medium. Steam iron on cotton setting if desired.
  • Wool: Hand or machine wash cold on gentle. Hang or lay flat to dry. Tumble drying wet wool will cause it to "full" and "felt". You may tumble dry on low to remove any dampness once you have laid flat or line dried. Steam iron on wool setting if desired.
  • Linen: Machine was cold. Tumble dry medium. Steam iron on linen setting if desired.

  • Q: Small pieces of yarn are popping out from the edge of my piece. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes. While I do everything I can to ensure that no loose ends become exposed, they will from time to time show themselves. You may simply weave them back in with a small crochet hook or upholstery needle. Or you may snip them off without fear of them unraveling. 

  • Q: My piece seems to have shrunk after washing and drying. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes. Just like your favorite jeans fit like a glove when you put them on, the fibers will loosen as you wear them, making them too big. As a result, you wash them to get them back to size. Same thing happens with handwoven textiles. Ironing with steam after tumble drying will actually smooth the pieces out again, bringing them back to "original size". By ironing you can actually add up to 1/2"-3/4" in both length and width.

  • Q: After washing my piece, it is rather winkled. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes. Especially on small pieces such as hand towels if tumbled dried on their own. Larger pieces such as throw blankets will be less wrinkled. A quick pass with a steam iron will have your pieces looking crisp. Some people love wrinkles and they make the pieces no less absorbent or usable. I love to iron. It's a quite time to sort of zone out and get away from the electronic world. Or while I'm watching TV.

  • Q: My fringe or tassels have gotten really fluffy. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes. Especially on cotton fringe or tassels that are not twisted. They will start to fill out and become fluffier over time with use and washing.

  • Q: My piece has small nubs in a few places. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes. The small nubs are where 2 pieces of yarn are joined together. By joining the yarn we save on waste. In many cases the nubs or knots are undetectable.

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